Bike Routes is, mainly, a platform of routes for various types of bicycles, and offers information on cycling trips and cycling tourism.
It was born thanks to the passion of its authors for cycling, and for the desire to travel, to feel emotions and go on an adventure. The desire to explore the unknown, not to stop, and not to fear the unexplored, and the relentless search to bring to fruition their dreams.
Moreover, the love for nature and for our wonderful country kissed by mother nature, a stage of natural beauty and landscapes that surround us. In addition, the desire to share and disseminate and make known our territory and the culture of a pleasant and sustainable tourism to as many people as possible, because there is nothing more rewarding than discovering the world from the vantage point of the two wheels.

All this has led us to fill the pages of this site with routes, itineraries, events, advice and stories … to help, inspire and suggest, through the site, the hundreds of people to plan and organize their cycling.